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The Naples Housing Market Predictions And Investment Overview 2022December 20, 2021

Record-low mortgage rates and extreme inventory shortages have been the main drives sustaining the high demand for housing experienced throughout the U.S. throughout the pandemic period. Despite the Naples housing market being exceptionally resilient during this period, affordability continues to be a big concern. The low mortgage rates helped increase savings, strengthen job markets, and […]

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The Naples Housing Market Review: What To Expect In 2022December 2, 2021

Housing markets throughout the nation have remained hot since 2020, mainly due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. Demand essentially exceeded supply, resulting in a hyper-competitive housing market in Naples with more than half of properties selling above list price. How fast homes sold and price appreciated staggered a bit, as significant savings and […]

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The 2021 Naples Housing Market First Semester ReviewNovember 8, 2021

Real estate markets in Southwest Florida have particularly been strong throughout the year. Home price values continue to escalateas inventories struggle to catch up with demand. It is in favour of sellers, and many are still getting top dollar. The Naples housing market suffered major setbacks from the pandemic. Still, it was able to quickly […]

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The New Trends in the Naples Housing Market ExplainedMay 20, 2021

Many markets across the world are still adapting to the new normal, courtesy of the coronavirus pandemic. Readjustments are inevitable and might take some time, depending on the industry in question. Various housing markets have seen different kinds of shifts for the last year, resulting in record-breaking averages. In Naples, everything happening at the moment […]

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The 2021 Naples Housing Market Quarterly Review (Part 1)May 5, 2021

Real estate markets throughout the Sunshine state started the year in high gear. The Florida Realtors January report highlights closed sales, inflated median prices, more pending inventory, and inflamed new pending sales as the main reasons behind the growing momentum. Besides this aggressive trend, other market factors such as record-low interest rates, the ever-rising buyer […]

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