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  • Does the managing broker and owner of your property management company answer the phones for quality control?
  • Is everyone in your property management company a fully licensed real estate broker? (Except the executive financial office and their assistant).
  • Do you have only one point of contact?
No maintenance manager.
No in house maintenance man (we only hire pros and get you a discount).
13,788 work orders processed since April 1, 2009
No hired leasing agents.
200+ tried and true vendors. We can have anything fixed at a below market rate with perfect results.

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  • troy_175x194

    J. Andrew Woodruff

    (239) - 326 - 0864 Email Me

    Year 2009 changed J. Andrew Woodruff’s life. He had just finished renovating a 3,300 sq. ft. house in Uptown. At that time, no real estate was selling and he was close to bankruptcy. But he had an idea! Why not rent it out and move somewhere much cheaper? From there Woodruff Real Estate and Property Management was born. The first paperless property management company in the country specifically targeting high-end homes that couldn’t sell.

  • troy_175x194

    Shawn Cassel

    (239) 571 - 8176 Email Me

    Shawn Cassel has been an active real estate license holder beginning in 1999. He has extensive knowledge in contract negotiating and transaction management with broad property management experience. With over 16 years in the industry he has successfully handled transactions that would make most people’s heads spin.


    • Gabe A
      Woodruff Property Management has been managing our rental for the past 4 years. They have always promptly taken care of our concerns, our home & our tenants. Andrew Woodruff has been especially helpful & beyond amazing in recent dealings as we now transition to selling the home. I have never worked with a more honest, ethical, moral & knowledgeable person (we have bought 5 homes & sold 4, soon to be 5 due to moving often with the military). Woodruff & specifically Andrew Woodruff is beyond professional, I highly recommend this company!
    • Paul Zarlengo
      Five stars. Woodruff Property Management is excellent. I have used Woodruff for the last three years and have gotten to know some of the staff personally as they deal with the issues related to my rental unit. Their personalized service and ability to respond to problems set them apart from other property management companies. The staff for Woodruff is professional and knowledgeable. They are able to take care of both property owners and tenants. I highly recommend them.
    • Joe
      Thank you Pam it has been a pleasure working with you and Woodruff! The house is U/C finally for 410k. Please be safe out there and I hope the best for you in Colorado! Thank you also for finding me a long term trustworthy tenant of 7 year! That made renting a lot less painful Take care,
    • Thomas VanNess
      No problems and I highly recommend them..
    • Carole J
      We've used Woodruff to manage our condo for 3 1/2 years while our son has lived out of state for his work. We've had four different agents from Woodruff during that time, with varying levels of competence and efficiency (hence only four stars), but our most recent one, Tim Groonel, has been a total professional, and extremely helpful in managing the tenants' departure and preparing the unit for our son's return. We will certainly seek him out in future should we again need property management in Denver.
    • LeAnn H
      No problems! Tim was great and made my move out smooth and easy.
    • Jessica H
      I had the pleasure of leasing my home from Pam Carlson, of Woodruff Property Management. My experience was nothing short of excellent, from the initial showing of the property through the end of my lease. The leasing process was simple. Pam had me approved and signing my documents within three days of seeing the unit. While my rental home was lovely, sometimes things do go wrong or break. I had not realized how easy these issues could be handled when dealing with an awesome property management company and agent. For instance, a flood, do to the plumbing, occurred at one point during my lease.I called Pam on a Sunday morning, before dawn. That was the only call which I had to make. Pam jumped right in and had a plumber and a restoration company at my home, immediately. Within my 2 year lease, if anything was ever needed, Pam always responded promptly with kindness and concern. Repairs were completed quickly and I never had too worry. My lease ended in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic. The unit was going on the market to be sold. I had ample knowledge and time to find a new place to live. Due to Covid, there was next to nothing available on the rental market. I had no home to move too! Pam, again went above and beyond to help me. By calling the home owner and relaying my dilemma, Pam got a 30 day extension on my lease. Because of that extra 30 days, I was able to find and secure housing. This was HUGE, during Covid. I am so thankful to Pam and Woodruff Property Management. Moving is said to be one of the top five stressful, life events. I have been a renter for many years and I agree that the moving process is usually difficult and tedious. Pam, you took away the usual stresses of leasing a home. Your expertise, knowledge and professionalism are wonderful attributes- making this rental, the best i have ever had. Thank you for all of your assistance, kindness.... and yes, love. Isn't that what the world needs??
    • Still finding tenants in the COVID19 crisis!
      Good morning Pam, Happy Wednesday and first day of April! Can you believe it is April already? I feel like 2020 just started! Yikes time goes by too fast! That is fantastic news about the new renter; thanks so much for everything you've done to get my condo re-rented! In these super crazy times, it is a load off of my mind!!! And it sounds like he will be a great tenant. I hope that you and yours are staying safe and healthy and SANE in all this madness, Pam! Crazy, crazy times we are living in! Please let me know if you need anything else from me; thanks again for all of your hard work on getting my condo re-rented; it is so greatly appreciated!
    • Cindy Jaye
      Working with Geoff and Woodruff Real Estate was a great experience. My husband and I spent a year oversees, renting out our home while we were gone. I’d like to emphasize that we were renting out our home, not a rental property, so we needed to insure that the renters would be responsible and respectful of our property and neighbors. From the very beginning, working with Geoff was easy. Knowing the market, Geoff was able to help us set the rental price – a price that was higher than we would have asked if we were doing this on our own. Geoff found us the perfect renters, a couple who took impeccable care of our home, paid the rent on time, and were friendly with our neighbors. As we were out of the country, we knew that we would not be able to manage the rental on our own. Again, Geoff provided us with wonderful service. Geoff was very responsive at all times, even for the smallest requests. Woodruff’s online portal made communication simple and transparent. The financial and legal aspects of the rental were seamless and easily understandable. I would highly recommend Geoff and Woodfuff Real Estate! Thank you!
    • Mo Bailado
      I have had nothing but great service from Woodruff Real Estate & development, the staff is very professional, courteous and efficient. Having them manage my rental property couldn't be any easier. Its almost like the info commercial "Set it and Forget It" I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs a property manager.
    • Barbara and Norman Ashford
      Over the years I have sold properties and Realtor services on numerous occasions. This experience compels me to note when an exceptional performance from a Realtor occurs. I am therefore referring to a recent experience I had with Pam Carlson of Woodruff Realtors. She not only showed superior knowledge of the market, but conducted the marketing, sales, and closing, or our property in an outstanding manner. She provided the expected Realtor services, but added any extra kindnesses that made our sales experience very special. Please accept this as a highest recommendation of her abilities. You couldn’t trust a better Realtor to list your property.
    • Leah Jones
      Woodruff has been managing my rental property for almost a year now, and they have been great. They found excellent tenants who signed a 16-month lease. Now I feel like I don't have to worry about the property anymore and whether or not I will get my rent each month. It has been a very different experience from finding tenants on craig's list, hoping you have covered everything in the lease, dealing with a lot of excuses, hoping you will get your rent each month, & when you don't, hoping they will leave without having to go through the process of having them evicted. It has been well worth the money to go with Woodruff.
    • Joyce W.
      We highly recommend Woodruff Property Management. We have been using them to successfully rent two houses for over 6 years. Our agent, Troy has always been very responsive to our inquiries. He always is able to find contractors to fix any maintenance issues at a reasonable price.
    • Thomas VanNess
      No problems and I highly recommend them..

Why Choose Woodruff Property Management?

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    With our property managers in Florida, you will not only get the best possible rent, but you can also rely on our real estate experience. When the time comes and you are ready to sell, our brokers will help you every step of the way.

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    We’ve put in place an excellent Tenant Qualification Process that ensures that the tenants we choose can truly afford to live in your property and will treat it with care. Our Florida property managers provide a TENANT QUALITY ASSURANCE GUARANTEE, which means that we will cover all the costs in case we need to evict a tenant. This is totally free of charge for you.

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    Unlike other property management companies in Florida, we will never overcharge you for maintenance. In fact, we will use our buying power to get you discount deals from trusted companies.

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  • I contacted Woodruff Property Management after finding them here on Angie's list. I scheduled a time for Troy to come out and provide me with an estimate. Troy showed up on time and provided me a professional proposal complete with rent comparables and a partial list of other properties under his management. I was a little skeptical at first because of their upfront fees and the monthly costs when compared to some other property management companies but in the end, their professionalism & their guarantee sold me.

    - Melissa Di Giacomo

  • Hi Andrew, I wanted to send you an email and tell you what a difference it has been working with Geoff…. He is always available and gets back to me in a timely manner- there is NO BS. I feel that he is looking out for me as the client and helping me to make the best decision when it comes to my property. I wanted to let you know that I think he has been a great addition to your team and also am thankful for him stepping in and taking over my property. Thank you – hope you are well.

    - Betsy

  • Dear Patricia… I did speak to the potential client of yours that owns a condo that she cannot sell and would like to rent out. I gave you a glowing reference and told her I would not anyone else to manage our property other than you. I also told her you do not "nickel and dime" us to death like other companies do. She said she is moving to Africa and needs someone she can trust since she is moving so far away.I still cannot believe how you have collected the rent on [our rental property] so efficiently and on time compared to the prior property management company we had. I thank you for that again. Mr. Woodruff should be proud of you and his staff.

    Tom Van Ness


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