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Eco-Friendly Ways To Improve Your HomeNovember 4, 2015

Going green in your home is always a great idea. There are many advantages to be gained from investing in these eco-friendly changes, with the most popular being the lowering of energy bills. So what are the most recommended eco-friendly ways to improve your home? ● Update your plumbing Typically, a lot of water wastage […]

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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Hunting For A New Home With KidsOctober 30, 2015

As much as 17% of Americans change households every year and, according to the U.S Census Bureau, roughly 13 million children are among those movers. These movers, especially the more frequent ones, often face challenges when moving with their children and struggle to help them cope both during and after the actual move. Naples property […]

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Miami Isn’t The Best Place For Recent Grads to Find HousingOctober 21, 2015

Miami is a prime location that many recent graduates often gravitate towards because of the ideality of the location. It’s a central location which offers a lot of opportunities to graduates, but finding affordable housing can often be a real challenge. Florida property management often face difficulty finding suitable housing for these graduates. Based on […]

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Recent Survey Confirms Miami’s Position As A Global Leader in Real Estate DestinationsOctober 15, 2015

According to a recently completed survey, the Miami real estate market continues to to be a top destination for foreign buyers, despite the fact that Latin America and Western Europe have experienced economic slowdowns, according to the 2014 Miami International Buyer Survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, which is the largest realtor association […]

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Palm Beach, Broward Counties See Increase in Home SalesOctober 6, 2015

There’s no doubt about the fact that Spring is the season that sees the most home sales of the year. This period ranges from March to May and the increase tends to be as a result of the fact that this is the period of time when persons are eager to find homes prior to […]

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