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Tips for Furnishing Rental Property

Rental management in Naples includes both short and long term rentals, two very different types of properties. Although owners of short term vacation properties must make sure their rental homes are fully furnished, it’s not as common to find furnished rentals for residents. Yet, offering furnished rentals does appeal to a specific group of renters.
Renters interested in this type of rental may be exploring the area and don’t want to deal with the hassle of moving everything until they know for sure they will stay. Sometimes they’re professionals, students or retirees living in town temporarily. Others may be just starting out and haven’t had a chance to accumulate sofas, tables and chairs.
Furnishing a long term rental isn’t exactly the same as furnishing a vacation home. Since the tenant will live in your rental for longer than a few nights, you need pieces that can become part of their lifestyle and hold up over time. These tips for furnishing a rental property can help you get started.

1. Keep It Simple

When you furnish a rental, keep in mind that you’re not furnishing your own home. This isn’t your personal space, so choose a simple style that appeals to a broad range of tastes. Look for furniture with clean, straight lines and neutral colors that blend in with a variety of decorating styles.

2. Choose Easy to Clean Upholstery

When the tenant moves out, you have to clean the furniture (or hire someone to do it). Look for pieces made from materials that are easy to clean and maintain. When possible, choose items like tables and bookcases made from materials that can withstand exposure to water and cleaning solutions.

3. Selection Affordable and Sturdy Furniture

Unless you’re renting to college students, consider skipping budget furniture. You’ll save money upfront, but you may have to replace it more frequently because it’s not designed to last a lifetime. Choose solidly-constructed pieces that will hold up under normal, daily use. There’s no need to spend a fortune on it, though. Check out some second-hand shops for deals.

4. Keep an Inventory of Your Furniture

Make sure you know exactly what furniture you keep in your rental property. Include the list in your lease and take pictures of each item before a new tenant moves in. This is especially helpful if your rentals are partially furnished. There will be less confusion over what pieces belong to you and your tenant.
At Woodruff Property Management, our team of professionals knows what it takes to be successful in rental management in Naples. We partner with both property owners and tenants to establish and facilitate relationships that benefit everyone involved. Call today to learn more about how our property management services in southwest Florida.

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