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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Hunting For A New Home With Kids

As much as 17% of Americans change households every year and, according to the U.S Census Bureau, roughly 13 million children are among those movers. These movers, especially the more frequent ones, often face challenges when moving with their children and struggle to help them cope both during and after the actual move. Naples property management suggest that you ask yourself three questions when house hunting with kids:

● Will your kids be safe when house hunting?
There are many ways in which a child could be endangered as you go through the house hunting process. You should therefore think about their safety before bringing them along on the trip. Does your child like to wander? Is your child a little overly-curious? If so, you should probably consider leaving them with a babysitter for this period of time.

● Does your child already have plans?
Maybe your child already planned to attend a friend’s birthday party on that weekend or maybe they already have extracurricular activities planned. Whatever the case, you should take their feelings and needs into consideration. You should consider rescheduling whenever there is a major conflict in scheduling. You do not want your child to start resisting or resenting this change.

Have you thought about giving your child a job?
The house hunting process can seem tedious and stressful to a child. Help to make it more exciting and to make them feel involved by giving them a job. This could be doing research on the area you’re moving to or allowing your child to take photos during home tours.


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