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Miami Isn’t The Best Place For Recent Grads to Find Housing

Miami is a prime location that many recent graduates often gravitate towards because of the ideality of the location. It’s a central location which offers a lot of opportunities to graduates, but finding affordable housing can often be a real challenge. Florida property management often face difficulty finding suitable housing for these graduates.

Based on recent statistics, it was found that less than 100 apartments in Miami-Dade county are considered to be reasonable enough for recent college graduates to afford. In fact, so rare is it for recent graduates to find affordable housing, that most are unable to move out of childhood homes that are shared with family. The recent study done by online real estate company, Trulia, revealed that it is only Portland in Oregon, and, Riverside and Orange County in California that are more expensive for young persons to find decent living quarters. In its study, Trulia compared the median income for recent graduates in the area, which was found to be around $25,778, with local rental rates and found that only 0.4% of all apartments would be within a range that can be afforded.

In other markets, rent was found to be much more reasonable and more plentiful, which is vastly different from the situation that exists in Miami. Some of the most reasonable states with a larger percentage of housing available include Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Phoenix.


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