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Is South Miami City Hall going to be sold?

According to Miami property management, South Miami commissioners and staff are currently negotiating the price for the City Hall. Some residents however are reluctant to part with their City Hall.

Steven Alexander, the City Manager mentioned that over the past two years, several different entities have expressed their interest in the property.

Oxford Group Holdings offered for $30 million for the property located at 6130 Sunset Drive and required more property in exchange. Lynx Development Group offered $15 million for the City Hall last February but demanded less property than Oxford Group Holdings.

City staff, South Miami commissioners and Mayor Philip Stoddard expressed their concern that the 60 year old City Hall is energy inefficient, has outdated technology and is infested by harmful molds that could affect the health of office workers. South Miami’s Green Task Force advised investigating the potential redevelopment of the facility.

The CEO of Lynx Companies hope that they will be able to acquire the property and put it to good use. Their company expounded that the City Hall is not the best fit for the needs of the city today. Lynx’s initial offer include $200,000 as deposit. Last March 1, the commission permitted Steven Alexander to meet with Lynx.

Meanwhile, Oxford Group Holdings’ letter of intent shows that they would like to purchase the properties at 5890 SW 69 St., the library at 6100 and the property at SW 71 St. Oxford offered an initial deposit of $ 100,000 and $1 million deposit after completing the due diligence period.


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