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The Florida mansion of Pablo Escobar to be demolished

Pablo Escobar’s former Florida mansion located at 5860 North Bay road will be demolished starting next week says Miami property management. In addition, the demolition will be filmed and will be made into a documentary film.

The CEO of Chicken Kitchen, Christian de Berdouare and his wife Jennifer Valoppi bought the pink mansion at North Bay road last May 2014 for $9.6 million. After an extensive search for money, drugs and possibly human remains, the Berdouares have decided to destroy the 4 bedroom, six bathroom mansion. The couple plan to build a mansion on the site but whether they intend to reside there is still unclear since they also own three more properties on the same street.

According to stories, Pablo Escobar purchased the mansion in 1980 before the U.S. authorities took it away from him. The Columbian drug lord who has a net worth of about $30 billion was allegedly unable to launder his money and decided to hide his money at his properties.

The mansion features massive holes punched through the walls indicating a prior search. Experts who conducted a thorough testing of the mansion have discovered suspicious areas while they were examining the mansion. Areas that were considered suspicious will be excavated in the pursuit for hidden drugs and money that might be hidden within the mansion.


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